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A Negotiation Training & Advisory Services Company.

Our Services

We believe your company shouldn't have to lose time and money putting your team on a plane to get high-quality negotiation training. Let our expert instructor come to your firm at a time that is convenient for you when you book any of our in-person workshops.

*Online options are also available.

We help clients navigate specific negotiations and leadership challenges. CNCM can help you build a negotiation and decision-making strategy and partner with you as you adjust to new information throughout the implementation process.


Our Mission


Our mission is to empower organizations by enhancing their negotiation capabilities through expert training and advisory services. We aim to transform business outcomes by fostering strategic thinking, effective communication, and sustainable partnerships, enabling clients to achieve their objectives with integrity and confidence.

“The interactive nature of the training, combined with real-world examples, made the content highly relevant and immediately applicable to our legal practice."

Diana M. Pineda, Partner at Sainz Abogados
Mexico City, Mexico


Our Team

Cody Smith

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Cody is a co-founder of CNCM and leads the training and advisory services. He has advised and lectured on negotiation internationally, and his writings have been used to teach negotiation, strategy, and leadership principles to executives and graduate students at leading business, law, and policy schools.

Outside CNCM, Cody is a Lecturer in Columbia University's Negotiation and Conflict Resolution MS program, and he previously held full-time research appointments at Harvard Business School. Cody received graduate degrees from the University of Heidelberg and Columbia University.


  • Trained executives in 4 countries, including at an elite law firm and 4 corporations with >$1B annual revenue

  • Trained 55 cadets at the US Military Academy at West Point in how to identify and overcome barriers to dealmaking

  • Consulted for William Ury (Coauthor of Getting to Yes & Cofounder of the Harvard Negotiation Project) as a Negotiation Strategist & Researcher on an initiative to disrupt escalation in the Russia-Ukraine war

  • Consulted full-time (2020-2021) as a Negotiation Strategist & Researcher on William Ury's team that advised world leaders and mediated in global crises, including the Afghanistan War, the 2020 US Election Crisis, Venezuela’s civil conflict, and US-North Korean nuclear talks


  • Malhotra, Deepak, and Cody Smith. "Negotiating Peace in Colombia." Harvard Business School Case 923-006, August 2022.

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Ana Carolina Smith

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Ana is a co-founder of CNCM and serves as a strategic advisor. She oversaw CNCM's business development while completing her bachelors in computer science.

Ana is currently a product manager in Goldman Sachs' Investment Banking division in New York. She will begin the 2-year MBA program at MIT's Sloan School of Management in fall 2022.

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