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Negotiation Coaching, Training, & Facilitation.

Our Services

Our coaching service helps clients navigate specific negotiations and leadership challenges involving multiple stakeholders. CNCM can help you build a negotiation and decision-making strategy and partner with you as you adjust to new information throughout the implementation process.

We can help your team develop negotiation and leadership skills. We offer expert-led, private workshops. Contact us for more information.

At CNCM, our confidential mediation and facilitation processes are designed to help you and your counterparts communicate more effectively, weigh options, and determine what is in your best interests.


Our Mission


We are a conflict management and strategic negotiation firm. Our mission is to help clients navigate difficult situations and reach better, more durable deals.


Our Team


Cody Smith

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After working for years as a researcher at Harvard Business School (HBS), Cody co-founded the Center for Negotiation and Conflict Management.


Cody specializes in negotiation strategy. He has advised and lectured on negotiation internationally, and he has co-authored HBS cases that are used to teach negotiation, strategy, and leadership to MBAs, law students, and corporate executives in leading universities. He is currently a Lecturer in Columbia University's Negotiation and Conflict Resolution MS Program.

Cody holds an MS from Columbia University in New York, an MA from the University of Heidelberg in Germany.


Ana Carolina Smith

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After working in Brazil’s commodities trading industry, Ana came to the United States to continue her education. She has since co-founded CNCM where she oversaw several aspects of the firm's operations prior to becoming a product manager in the financial services sector. 

Ana completed her undergraduate studies at Harvard University where she studied computer science.




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