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Negotiation Workshops

Our workshops are designed to equip your team with a practical set of skills and techniques that can be put to use immediately. At CNCM, we believe the best way to become a more skilled negotiator is through hands-on exercises that are broken down using the latest analytical frameworks.

Available workshops:

Core Workshops

  • Module I: Value Claiming Essentials

  • Module II: Value Creation Essentials

  • Module III: Multiparty Negotiations

Specialty Workshops

  • The Influential Negotiator

  • Impossible Negotiations

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About the Instructor

Cody Smith Headshot

Cody Smith is our lead instructor. He works with clients around the world to build their executives’ negotiation skills in hands-on workshops. He has trained teams at leading companies, including at Merck, Gonzalez Calvillo, Celsia, and Grupo Argos. Cody also teaches negotiation as a Lecturer at Columbia University and is a former researcher in Harvard Business School's Negotiation, Organizations, and Markets unit. He holds master's degrees from Columbia University in New York and Heidelberg University in Germany.

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