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Negotiation Essentials Workshop

Our Negotiation Essentials workshop is designed to equip your team with a set of critical skills and techniques that can be put to use immediately. At CNCM, we believe the best way to become a more skilled negotiator is through hands-on exercises that are broken down using the latest analytical frameworks. As such,  participants negotiate in simulations developed by leaders in the field. By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to apply the following skills in their work:

  • Be able to identify when to make a deal and when to walk away

  • Know how to find and strengthen your primary source of leverage

  • Understand how your first offer impacts the course of the negotiation

  • Know how to better respond to threats and ultimatums

  • Be able to better identify when your counterpart is being deceptive

Versions of this workshop have been taught internationally to business leaders and entrepreneurs. It is well suited for professionals looking to improve their negotiation and management skills.

For businesses interested in private training, contact us for more information.

About the Instructor


Cody Smith is the managing partner at CNCM. He teaches negotiation as a Lecturer at Columbia University and is a former researcher in Harvard Business School's Negotiation, Organizations, and Markets unit. Cody holds master's degrees from Columbia University in New York and Heidelberg University in Germany.

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